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Think global, act local with your customers | Lean back

Failing to localize properly will damage your brand. A lack of a local-language version – or a poor, culturally irrelevant translation – will be interpreted as a lack of concern for customers in that market. Understanding and delivering in a relevant, local context is therefore a key component of effective customer experience management.  -> Think global, […]

Rethinking news presentation

I love the concept that the team put together a while back. It’s what I imagine a true news website should look like. I am often disappointed at the level of information available on a news story. Right here on the page, you have a sample of everything that’s happening. I wish someone would […]

Man-Machine Framework and spam reduction

Two unrelated articles came across my feed reader this week.  Forbes had a very interesting article on Man-Machine interfaces: The whole picture is completed by the human element. People provide the peripheral vision. They fill in the gaps and create a complete context in a way that a machine cannot. Gupta calls this successful partnership […]

Federated Twitter, and spammers

Last week the world digerati had a conniption as Twitter really started tightening the screws to developers. I think it’s too bad that Twitter is taking the path of greater inclusion of ads and generally screwing the developers. However, at the same time, it’s their service that they are providing to most people for free, […]

responsive curation is the future of keeping it simple

Brilliant idea. responsive curation is the future of keeping it simple : chad vavra’s blog : : the barbarian group: “For instance, if a user is known to spend an low amount of time on the site show them headlines and a single image to maximize their uptake of content. Users who are known to […]

A great way to run a small software company: Literature and Latte

Ran across Scrivener again this weekend. Scrivener is book writing software. I’m not going to write the great american novel, I’m not even sure how I got there, but I’m impressed with good customer interactions. Things to like about their site and software: The documentation is incredible and pretty. You really should read the manual. […]

Thoughts on FoldingStory

I’ve been folding stories on FoldingStory. If you are not aware of it, the idea is to collaboratively create stories. The twist is that each user can only see the last user’s contribution and you only have 4 minutes and 180 characters to write your lines (called “fold”). They say, “FoldingStory™ is a game in […]

Don’t force your users to log into your Knowledgebase

Carlo Costanzo asks “Why do I have to log into your Knowledgebase” I just don’t get it.  Why do I need to have a user account and password to access a vendor’s Knowledgebase?  What is so important behind that link that you do not want it indexed and searchable by Google (my primary troubleshooting tool)? Friends […]