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My interview on Community Signal

I forgot to post about this at the time. Patrick O’Keefe had me on Community Signal and we had a fun and wide-ranging conversation about community, reputation systems and deprioritization of an existing community. I was happy to be able to participate. How Community Platforms Address the Member Life Cycle

What makes a good product manager?

Loved this answer by Bob Corrigan of the Smithsonian Institution: That quality is a deep compassion for the suffering of others.  Because the very best product managers understand the following: products that address real, pervasive and urgent problems are ultimately embraced, championed and sustained by the people they serve.  You can’t buy that kind of […]

Offer an integrated search experience when you have a community and website

Françoise Tournaiaire of FTWorks has a new list of things to do with your community based on her reading of the Ten Best Web Support Sites report published by the Association of Support Professionals. Offer an integrated search experience. You don’t want your poor users to have to create separate searches for the knowledge base […]

Own your identity –

Own your identity – “But there will always be the open web for the geeks, the misfits, the eccentrics, the control freaks, and any other term we can think of to proudly express our healthy skepticism of giving up too much control over what really should be ours.” (Via Shawn Blanc.) Really, this comes […]

Insurance situation for individuals and maternity coverage in California and Texas – 2011

[Note: This is a mildly edited speech I gave this morning.] Imagine yourself, you or your mate has just had a baby, the little life wiggling in your arms screaming at the top of your lungs. You feel fortunate that this child is healthy and happy. In the back of your mind, that part you […]


Welcome, my name is Mark and these are my ramblings. It’s 2010. I should have a blog. Mostly so I can tell my kids I had one – just before blogs get clobbered by real-time social whateverness and spam bots. I don’t claim to be a writer or even funny for that matter. If either […]


m.d.f.w. is written by Mark Williams. Published on WordPress using the Carrington Blog and Carrington Mobile themes from Crowd Favorite. 50 things we learned from week 3 of the nfl seasonLet’s see the toughest questions that have the simplest answers.. Look people, this poem is purposefully vague for the exact reason it exists.. Papers, keys, […]