PubNub Pirate Ducks – demo project

Earlier this year I wrote a demo application for PubNub to use at trade shows. It was basic, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. It tries to exercise as much of the PubNub functionality as possible in as small a space as possible with a catchiness for the eyes. You can check it out on my Github.

On Accepting Praise: a Service to Others

This was written for a speech. It has been slightly edited to be read instead of spoken.  We applaud our guest musicians at the end of each service, as I’m sure we will do again today. When we do this, I always find it interesting to watch our musicians receive the applause. Some accept it […]

My interview on Community Signal

I forgot to post about this at the time. Patrick O’Keefe had me on Community Signal and we had a fun and wide-ranging conversation about community, reputation systems and deprioritization of an existing community. I was happy to be able to participate. How Community Platforms Address the Member Life Cycle

An experiment with password fields

Links to an experiment I did with bloom filters and password input fields.

Unintended consequences of out of date software

A broken blog home page leads me down multiple rabbit trails to fix it. Turns out it was a broken plugin. Bonus: how to diagnose Wordpress problems.

Writing about a new project – Phonoblogical

Started a new project on Github called Phonoblogical and am writing about the process of creating the software.

We need a Community! – Failure is an option

On We need a Community!: Failure is an option – celebrate it.

Reflections on #altconf 2016 day 3

A reflection on a single day of Altconf 2016. Features highlights and thoughts on the sessions.

Bullying, Buckets and Name Calling

A speech about bullying and the current political climate plus reflections on how to keep yourself from falling into the trap.

On Margins and Craft

Focus on your craft; sweat the details and use boundaries that are present everywhere as inspiration. A speech given at UUCPA.