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Bullying, Buckets and Name Calling

A speech about bullying and the current political climate plus reflections on how to keep yourself from falling into the trap.

On Margins and Craft

Focus on your craft; sweat the details and use boundaries that are present everywhere as inspiration. A speech given at UUCPA.


The theme of the service on Jan 27, 2013 at UUCPA was “Thresholds”. There were some intensely interesting bits in it. For instance, the Navajo ceremony to celebrate a baby’s first laugh: The ceremony takes place because the Navajo believe the baby is connected to two worlds when he is born and may bring evil. Thus, they […]

Walking a crooked line

This was a response to my friend Fred’s post apologizing for Pat Robertson’s insensitive remark regarding Haitians and their “pact with the devil.”  I find it occasionally difficult to respect the beliefs of my friend while also wanting to point out the evil that some in a religion can bring. You can read his post […]