Walking a crooked line

This was a response to my friend Fred’s post apologizing for Pat Robertson’s insensitive remark regarding Haitians and their “pact with the devil.”  I find it occasionally difficult to respect the beliefs of my friend while also wanting to point out the evil that some in a religion can bring. You can read his post and all responses here: http://fred7man.blogspot.com/2010/01/straight-lines-from-crooked-sticks.html

“I believe that there are many, many loving Christians, including people inside CBN, doing good work around the world and especially in Haiti. I believe great good can be brought forth in the name of Christianity as can great evil. This can be true of most religion or religion-like behavior (including nationalism, etc.).

However, I believe that Pat Robertson is just one of many shameful public faces of Christianity.  I believe that Pat and his ilk have turned the religion of Christ into the religion that uses Christ as it’s figurehead while spouting crazy, hate-filled rhetoric (http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/funnyquotes/a/patrobertson.htm). Yes, no one is perfect, but those that preach a holier than thou pomposity will be (rightfully so?) held to a higher standard. Glass houses and stones, man.
All that said, it is too bad that his less-than-comforting prose has distracted us from the real issue, a need for prayer, thoughts, energy, money and real help for the Haitians. Let us all love and support one another, no matter the other’s beliefs.”
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