Don’t force your users to log into your Knowledgebase

Carlo Costanzo asks “Why do I have to log into your Knowledgebase

I just don’t get it.  Why do I need to have a user account and password to access a vendor’s Knowledgebase?  What is so important behind that link that you do not want it indexed and searchable by Google (my primary troubleshooting tool)?
Friends of mine tried this years ago at another company. Moved the freely available knowledgebase behind a log in wall. Not paid, mind you, just “let us know who you are”. This was before the advent of users using Google/Bing for primary research and it was still a bad idea. It is even a worse idea now.

On top of not seeding your tested answers out of the larger searcher community, if I cannot determine what kinds of problems your product has before using it, I’m unlikely to even try it in the first place.
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